Car Wash and Pet Wash

Touchless Car Wash, Vacuums, Tire Air and Pet Wash

Touchless Car Wash

Tow touchless carwashes Laser-Wash are available 24h with three different service categories ranging from $8.49 to $12.49. Save $1.00 per wash when you purchase with gas/diesel. You can even pay with your AirMiles card. Note : We assume no responsibility for any damages/losses to any non-stock vehicle accessories.

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Tire Air

Tire air is available at the low cost of $1 per minute.

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We offer 2 commercial vacuums for vehicle cleaning at the low cost of $2 for a duration of 5 minutes.

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Pet Wash

Two pet washes are available 24h for your animal washing experience in a clean, heated, well lighted and under surveillance area room. Help your animal climb the ramp into this nice stainless steel basin where you can attach it’s leash. Options of shampoo, conditioner, rinsing and drying are available. We also offer at your cost brushes, towels and treats. The machine accepts only coins of $0.25, $1, 2$. Drop by the convenience store just next to the building for change.

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