Convenience Store

Drive Thru - 24/7 Service - ATM Machine

24 Hour Service

Both our convenience store and its drive thru are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Drive Thru

The first drive-thru convenience store in North West NB is here! Whether you are driving alone in your vehicle or in a taxi or whether you have your young children in car seats, enjoy our drive-thru purchases in the comfort of your vehicle, especially in bad temperature. Enjoy a flavored Van Houtte coffee at the same time! It should also be noted that all items sold in the convenience store are available at the drive-thru!

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Van Houtte Coffee

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Popular Items

All the most common items are to be found including amongst others: Pop, water, juices, milk, chips, subs & sandwiches, cheese, dairy products, ice cream, meats, lottery tickets, cigarettes, candy, basic grocery, oils & lubricants, windshield washer, truck parts & accessories, gifts/souvenirs and the like.

ATM available : Need some cash? There is an ATM machine at your disposal in our convenience store!

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Air Miles Reward Miles

Join the near 70% of Canadians who collect AirMiles Reward Miles on their purchases, whether it be on purchases at the pump, in-store or at the car-wash, all those purchases gives your AirMiles Reward Miles. You may even pay your gas/diesel with your AirMiles Reward Miles card.

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Products & Accessories

We offer propane exchange cylinders of 20 liters. You can also buy a new cylinder outright without exchange at a higher cost. Eventually, we will be offering onsite a propane refuelling station for recreational vehicles (motorized and others). We also offer a variety of different Shell lubricants and Shell motor oils. Amongst a complete list of Shell products, we carry the following popular products: Rotella T3 Multigrade, Rotelle T6 Multigrade Synthétique, Spirax Automatic Trans Fluid, Spirax Gear Oil HD 80W-90, ShellZone Antifreeze, Shellzone Ultra Antifreeze, Gadus Grease Summer and Winter, Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF.

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