Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

Retail pumps – Gas & Diesel – 24h | Visitor's Parking Lot

We offer 10 self-serve fueling spaces for vehicles at the retail pump section (10 gas and 4 diesel). Clients can pay at the pump or at the inside cash during daytime with the following cards: interact debit, credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex or even the Shell Triton cards and others. We also accept Air Miles reward miles cards and clients can even purchase their fuel products via the Air Miles reward miles card.

Purchase your car wash at the same time as your fuel products and save $1.49 every time! (Pay at the pump or inside). Should you require assistance in fueling, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly staff either by coming inside the store or driving at the store drive-thru.

Parking Lot : More than 125 parking spaces are available in order to accomodate regular vehicles (other than the 75 vehicles in the trucker’s parking lot which accomodate the tractor-trailers, double trailers, RV’s, buses and others).